Turning a certain age was a great prompt to shake things up.

This newest chapter in my life has sparked taking beginner painting classes and launching Cheerful Nature Bouquets to ‘spread the happy’ with homegrown garden flowers and meadow-foraged flora that bloom late April through October. Get in touch for flowers! My specialty is charming, seasonal wild beauty bouquets presented in recycled glass jars. I’m also donating garden bouquets to all school-age children in Chelsea who want to cheer up a friend and planning Flower Wellness Workshops for Teens in the summer of 2020.

My previous decade entailed coauthoring two books on Michigan wine, From the Vine: Exploring Michigan Wineries, a 2008 Michigan Notable book, and The History of Michigan Wines, as well as solo authoring Michigan Apples, featuring the real story on how apples first grew in Michigan — not from Johnny Appleseed, my friends. From the Vine had a great life, but is no longer published. Get in touch for the other two books. If you’re in Chelsea, visit Ace Hardware for The History of Michigan Wines. They sell history books at the checkout counter. Cool, eh?

Besides creating and gardening, I love to surround myself in nature, as well as hike, travel, do yoga and hang with my family.