hiking gear

Merino wool tops and socks are my go-to, year-round necessities to regulate temperature, wick-away sweat and keep dry. A longtime fan of Merrells, I recently switched to Oboz to give my feet something fresh to beat plantar fasciitis. Both brands are sturdy and can take a beating. I only wear waterproof hiking boots and I prefer the low style because my ankles like to be free because of past injuries. (Mid height offers greater ankle support for many.) The same Hot Chillys long underwear have kept me toasty through many younger years of skiing and more recent years of winter hiking.

  • REI
  • Smartwool tops & socks
  • Oboz Sawtooth low hiking boots
  • Merrell women’s Moab hiking boots
  • Hot Chillys thermal underwear

garden gear

  • specifics coming soon!
  • Garden shovel, sheers, gloves, hat, cart and more!

travel gear

  • specifics coming soon!
  • quick-dry shirts and dresses
  • bags
  • city walking shoes and more!


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