Cheerful Nature Bouquets is officially launched! Seeking charming, wild beauty bouquets? Get in touch today! Bouquets combine garden flowers and foraged meadow flora and are presented in jars. Priced affordably — $5 to $15, the bouquets are lovely gestures for friends, teachers and loved ones and are perfect centerpieces for graduation parties, backyard gatherings, baby showers and birthdays.

Flowers are available May through October. Bouquets will feature whatever is thriving in the garden and meadow at the time of your order.

Additionally, for all school-age children in the Chelsea School District: free bouquets! If you are a student and have a friend who needs a pick-me-up, get in touch by email or by phone at (734) 546-2588.

Also, Cheerful Nature Bouquets debuts at Agricole Farm Stop in Chelsea in late June. Tuesday deliveries of fresh bouquets provide you with an easy downtown pick up during the week.

All you need is love… and flowers!