Cheerful Nature Bouquets combine seasonal flowers from seed and perennials and foraged meadow flora. The blooms in the bouquets follow Michigan’s seasons. Narcissi, forget-me-nots, hyacinths and peonies launch the season, while a bounty of snapdragons, dahlias, marigolds, zinnias, cosmos and much more round out summer and autumn bouquets.

Bouquets to go

* Find Cheerful Nature Bouquets at Agricole Farm Stop in downtown Chelsea. Jackson Street and M-52 by the railroad tracks, across from Jiffy. Bouquets make for a lovely, thoughtful gesture for friends, teachers, parents and other loved ones.

* Order a bouquet directly for porch pick-up in Chelsea by the high school – OR – delivery to anywhere in Chelsea and the surrounding townships.

Additionally, for all school-age children in the Chelsea School District: free bouquets! If you are a student and have a friend who needs a pick-me-up, get in touch by email or by phone at (734) 546-2588.

New for 2020: bouquets can also be delivered to an essential worker in Chelsea for free. Please reach out for a cheery bouquet.

All you need is love… and flowers!